7. Barely Drinking at work – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675

Welcome back for episode 7. Today I go on a trip of a week and bring you with me. Starting with a dead car battery. Playing tag with another show? Gas Station Morons. Booze at work. My Frappr has gone international!!! Please forgive me for some of the background noise on this show. I promise […]

6. Barely Stalking – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675

Today is all about dirty faces, crapping while peeing, I am stalking another show, education is asking me questions and more!

5. Barely Understanding Children’s Shows – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675

Politicians saying I won’t be taken alive; Dr. Who is back! Double standards; Why do I have to work on the joke material?! Thanks for listening, and I got a FRAPPR FRIEND!!!

Episode 4

Wierd questions at work; Men doing last minute shopping at the mall; Gotta love the Podcast community; Farts that can kill! Oh that is just too much going on to keep in just one podcast. Life is something that just can’t stop making me saying, what the…………?

Where is Episode 3?

I have removed this episode because this show was crap. I won’t torchure anyone else with it.

Where is Episode 3?

This episode was removed because it was CRAP audio. Sorry about that. I won’t torchure anyone else with this episode

Barely Podcasting

Welcome to the Barely Podcasting Web Site. I am setting up everything, so soon I will have my podcast here as well. I have recorded two shows (three if you include the deleted show that was just terrible and was re-recorded).

Again welcome and soon you will be hearing me!


Episode 2

Today, all about office pools, Jerome Bettis and Sadaam Hussein? MIL perfume. Enjoy

My First Episode

Episode 1. Hopefully this will work. I am playing with my iRiver for the first time. Thanks Nate and Di as well as Corby from the Twisted Pickle. Click here to download Episode 1.