308. Barely Not Safe for Mom – Voice Mail (702) 907-3675 (DORK)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today’s Episode:

Fireball near work Prank or look out the window? It is blinding Damnit Karl Snow Traffic Not work, or mom safe

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307. Barely 15 Years – Voice Mail (702) 907-3675 (DORK)

I’m back!!  7 years since my last episode and 15 years since I started Barely Podcasting, I’M BACK BABY!!!!

Speaking of baby, I got a new one! Facebook Elevator Like-Butter Snow Office Fan Barely Afloat Sea Legs Walking a Boat

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306. Barely 8 Years – Voice Mail (234) 738-3675

It has been 8 years and I am still going!  Happy Anniversary to me!

BARELY INTRO:  Matt & Amy from the Redboy Podcast

Leave the tech guy outCloud ComputingI be smrtRiff Raff

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305. Barely Vacation – Voice Mail (234) 738-3675

My vacation is over, and now Barely Podcasting is in your ears!

BARELY INTRO:  Doug from Geek Acres

Running DelaysNext to WhatWho is FirstGasBeginners LuckScrewed in a Limo

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304. Barely Gross Boobs – Voice Mail (234) 738-3675

I’m back for June!  Miss me yet?BARELY INTRO:  Aaron from the Big ShowGetting in a tizzyYou do what, where?Gross thoughts on boobsIt is a short show, but thanks for listening none the lessImportant Links:Voice Mail (234) 738-3675eMail barely@barelypodcasting.com

303. Barely Ass Faced – Voice Mail (234) 738-3675

I’m 40 and still find the stories you like (I hope).  Just in time for May to be over, I get an episode out in May!Thanks for listening.BARELY INTRO:  Doug from Geek AcresWhat is a disabilityThe Bears play what?Ass FaceNew routeWindy trashAm I pulled overImportant Links:Voice Mail (234) 738-3675eMail barely@barelypodcasting.com

302. Barely a Conspiracy – Voice Mail (234) 738-3675

As I am about to turn 40, I had to get one last episode out.  Yeah, I’m getting old.Barely Intro:  Shelly from Shelly’s PodcastIt’s a conspiracyBurger KingLooking both waysThanks for listening

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301. Barely Yellow Jar – Voice Mail (234) 738-3675

I am back to my normal format, with my mic and everything.  It is good to be back.  Enjoy the show!Yellow JarThe FidgeterNo more demorcratsI am even doing feedback!  Thanks for listeningImportant Links:

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300. Barely 300 – Voice Mail (234) 738-3675

It is episode 300.  Let’s listen to the intros!  ALL of them!  It isn’t as dumb as it sounds!  I swear.Thanks for listening.Important LinksVoice Mail (234) 738-3675eMail – barely@barelypodcasting.com