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Episode 8

Well this is it folks. We are saying goodbye. It has been a good run, but we couldn’t sustain it like we wanted to. Barry can be heard on his own show at Barely Podcasting ( Also we will be bringing Andrew over to do the USDA Prime Beef still. Thanks all of you. Chat Buffet was fun, but you all made it so much more fun! 

Goodbye and the Buffet is now closed.

-Barry and Andrew

Episode 7

Welcome back to Chat Buffet.  We apologize for the delay and are working on not making it so long again 🙂  Today we discuss how we met.  The whole show is our history and how this show came to happen

Episode 6

Chat Buffet #6

What is June
Drinking at work
You drank how much?
Taxes (ugggghhhhh)
Cheap Gas
Chicago Blizzard of ’79
“Do you want a grenade with that?”
Bikinis and TV Remotes
Andrew has the USDA Prime Beef

Episode 5

Welcome back and we are back as well.

What is May (In June)?
What’s in your plumbing?
Lets get hitched in Kansas (Too Late)….
Duty-free Munitions
Security Mistakes
Moron, Geek, Nerd (OH MY!)
Our Domain name is porn
USDA Prime Beef with Barry

Episode 4

Welcome back to the long awaited for Chat Buffet episode 4. This is the show that should have come out in the begining of April. You have it now. Here is what you can expect in this show:

Update on the Frappr
What is April (like I said, it should have been out last month)
The world’s easiest quiz
Bad Paperweights
Fired for big boobs
Update on the “Podfather”
Andrew has the USDA Prime Beef.  

Episode 3.5

Just a quick note from Barry to say Episode 4 is coming, thanks for waiting so long for us.  We appreciate it!

Episode 3

Will Barry ever stop with the penis stories?!
There are two Podfathers?
The new one is almost giving out iPods.
Pirates still Arrrrrrrr around and coming after the US Navy!
Our new Frappr friend is Diggers Story, not diggemon like Barry said in the show, he can’t get it right, can he?

Episode 2

Barry finds another Penis story..hmmmm.
Andrew celebrates St. Patrick’s Day and listen as these two idiots jump on the non-sequitir express and find themselves arguing about Chicago Baseball.
Also, real Justice misses the mark.

Espisode 1

Welcome to our first show. We introduce ourselves and talk about changing your GPS Voice, How not to try and pass a drug test, Yanni and the law and What is March?