Month: August 2010

Item 1. Barbie Luv Barely – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675

I know this is the second episode this week. It is the first official episode of BarbieLuvBarely. I have figured out how the two shows will be different from eachother. So I hope you enjoy the second episode and first official episode of BarbieLuvBarely. Thanks again for downloading! Important links for BarbieLuvBarely Voice Mail: (206) […]

146. Barely A Storm – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675

Yep, I am back to my solo show. Doing the couplecast is motivating me to do my own show more often as well I am noticing. This one is shorter than most, but it is a show and I like it BARELY INTRO: Dani from the Truth Seekers Podcast Bowing and Flexing Pay Your bill […]