Month: September 2006

33. Barely Feedback

Well folks, this is the feedback show. I just have to say doing a feedback show is harder than it sounds. But it was fun to do. There is a lot of cursing on this show, so you are warned! Ok here is the rundown of the show today:Intro from Rusty Feedbackers: Philosophy Guy from […]

32. Barely A Dork

Welcome back folks! On today’s show: Did that really happen on 9/11 My building is falling apart Cops hate me BARELY IN JAPAN: Police BARELY REVIEW: Manic Mommies There is no feedback today. I will be doing a feedback show over hte weekend if you want to hear it all. Barely

31. Barely Crickets

Wow what a week. I want to start off and thank everyone for their support. If you don’t know what I am referring to, please look at the web site and see why I said this episode could be late. Also anyone who is good with wordpress, I need LOTS of help! On Today’s episode […]

I am new to this

Hey everyone, I am changing my web page again, and am trying to figure out wordpress. Man I need help hahahahaha

There might be an unscheduled break

     Hey everyone, I have some not so good news.  Well let me begin at how I planned Episode 31.  It was going to be titled Barely and the Bean.  I was begging Chad and Amanda (Me and the Bean) to do something to intro the show.  I was going to tease something at the end then go about doing my regular show.  Until the end that is.  Then the BIG announcement.  It was going to be that Mrs. Barely is pregnant and nearly out of the first tri-mester and we had dubbed the unborn Barely, Bean.  That was until today when I got a bad phone call.  Wife called me from work to my work to tell me she needed an emergency ultrasound.  Needless to say I hopped in to my car and drive as fast as I could to get down there.  I got there in just enough time to hear that we had lost the Bean (not Amanda, she is still in North Carolina, ask Chad).  So I am not sure if I will have 31 out on time this week.  It will depend on how I am feeling at the time I record.  I just thought you should know why I might take this week off.
     Oh, one more thing.  I probably won’t ever mention this in the show.  Right now I can’t talk about it at all.  It is just too hard.  I might just refer to this post.  I do have one request though, please keep me and my wife in your thoughts and/or prayers for the few days.  We will get thought this, but in the here and now, it is rough.

Thanks and see you all soon.  I promise the show will go on 🙂

Barely & Family