Month: June 2006

21. Barely going to concerts

8 shows until #29! Jabba the Hutt ALERT!!! I say goodbye to a new/old friend. I review the Podsafe Comedy Music Countdown. Concert Concert Concert, and did she have boobs? I NEED A CLONE!!! Late Night Birthday parties. Music in this show is from Tommy Z and the song is The Blues Has Got to […]

20. Barely Chicagoland Podcasters Meetup (Part 1) – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675

Gabber Jaw. Contact me at: Website: e-Mail Voice Mail: (206) 666-2660 Skype: Barely

I am working on Episode 20

Hey everyone, I am working on episode 20 as we speak.  I was going to be editing it today, but forgot a cable, so it looks like tonight I will get that going.  It is going to be a long episode, so this is your warning.  I have over an hour of unedited audio, but there is a lot I need to cut out (a lot of it is where I am repeating and other stuff like that).  I will probably have 20 minutes cut out, but it is still looking to be a much longer show.  Hopefully I will have that out tonight (Tuesday).

19. Barely Wierd Neighbors – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675

Intro from Adrian from The Gas Weird Neighbors: They turn me in They don’t move in Their AC Guy Flooding the neighborhood Accepting Packages Taking my car in for work and my cheep rental I review The Twisted Pickle My wife is helping the show! Listener love Music from Blackboard Jungle, the song is Chicago […]