Month: May 2006

18. Barely About Sports – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675

Thanks for downloading, and I go to a White Sox game and bring you all along with me. I get to meet a Major Leager, don’t leave before I say it is time to go, stupid signs at the ball park. I review today the I’m Right You’re Wrong podcast. Music on this show is […]

17. Barely Need Your Help – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675

Welcome back to the Barely Podcasting podcast. Today I am getting in to trouble and not doing anything wrong. I reveiw the Fall of Autumn podcast. Golf hurts and I SUCK! Help me get the wife to come on to the show! Thanks for downloading!

16. Barely Rude People – Voice Mail (2006) 984-3675

Today on Barely Podcasting: Work talkers Mother’s Day and Spam-A-Lot Review of Absolute Science, Another rude guy at a bar Contact me at: e-Mail me at: Voicemail: (206) 984-3675

15. Barely Driving a Fast Car – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675

Welcome to the 15th episode of Barely Podcasting Today, New Show Image Mowing the Lawn and running errands after that Show Review: The Gas Little Girl’s Birthday Driving dad’s new car Frappr update. Add me to your Podcast Pickle Favorites. Thanks for downloading, -Barely Contact me: e-Mail: Web Site: Voice Mail: (206) 984-3675